3 Jobs You Don’t Want To Skip When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Spring has sprung and your desire to totally remake the inside of your home has too. But while you are replacing your shower and patching the holes in your drywall, you might lose your careful eye for the smallest flaws and forget that the devil's in the details. If you're interested in bringing a whole new look to your home's bathroom and want to make sure you've dotted your Is and crossed your Ts, here are a few jobs you won't wanna skip. Read More 

Marble Flooring Without The Cold: What You Should Know About Radiant Underfloor Heating

When you decide to remodel your home, you want to select materials of the highest possible quality and luxury. Because of this, when you decide to replace your floors, your first thought is to install marble flooring in your bathroom, entryway, or maybe even in your bedroom. However, your second thought is how cold those floors will feel on your bare feet, especially in the winter when you get out of bed or out of the shower. Read More 

Why You Should Invest In Custom Cabinets

In general there are two ways to buy new cabinets for your home: as prefabricated units that you install on your own, or you can have a professional cabinetmaker build and install custom units. Of course, custom units will be more expensive than prefabricated units. This article will explain 4 reasons why you should make the extra investment and get custom cabinets for your home. 1. Custom Cabinets Are More Durable Read More 

Updating Your Kitchen Without Replacing Everything

Renovating your kitchen does not mean you have to replace every single item. You can update this portion of your home by making several smaller changes. By using different products in creative ways, you can enhance the look of your kitchen without doing a lot of work. Add Shelves When you prefer a more open feel to your kitchen, one option you have is to remove some of the top cabinets and replace them with shelves. Read More 

How to Select Carpet for Your New Basement Playroom

Parents have discovered that having a separate playroom can make a world of difference in keeping peace in the home. One of the easiest places to create a playroom is in the basement. However, you want to make sure that you remodel your basement so that it is comfortable and safe for your kids. Hard, cold basement floors are not idea for kids who have lots of energy to burn. You need to install soft, comfortable carpet for your kids. Read More