Tips For Re-Staining Your Kitchen Cabinets Like A Professional

While the thought of re-staining your kitchen cabinets is daunting, if you are careful about how you proceed with the project, then you can achieve professional-looking results. To this end, follow these tips when you are preparing your cabinets and applying a new coat of stain: Number Each Door and Cabinet Opening It is very common for older kitchen cabinets to have variations in their door size and hardware locations. To keep from having to solve a " Read More 

Three Choices Of Decking Materials To Replace Worn Treated Pine Decks

If you have an old deck with treated pine decking, this material is one of the most affordable. It is also one of the decking materials with the shortest life. This is why you may want to consider other alternatives for a more durable deck that will last for many more years. You can choose from materials such as tropical hardwood, vinyl, metal and composite. Here are some of the choices you may want to consider to replace your old treated pine decking: Read More 

Chic Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen probably helps you get the job done. It has all the essentials, and maybe you've even organized it over time to make some jobs easier. However, you're considering a kitchen remodel, and at least part of the reason is to update the look. Implement chic and useful updates to makeover your kitchen. Hide the Appliances While stainless steel appliances do present a sleek profile in your kitchen, such an industrial façade might not suit your design style. Read More 

4 Things To Remember While Painting Kitchen Cabinets

One of the ways that many homeowners save money while renovating their kitchens is to paint the cabinets. Even though this can seem like a fairly simple project, it can actually be complicated by forgetting certain key things about the task. Here are some things you should remember when painting your cabinets.  Label the Parts When it is time to take down your cabinets and paint them, do not forget to label the parts. Read More 

Tiny Kitchen? 5 Ways To Give It An Illusion Of Grandeur

If your home doesn't have a lot of space, it can be hard to turn it into something you can love and enjoy spending time in. Although adding space might be an option, it often is not in the budget for many homeowners looking to remodel dated kitchens and baths. So, how can you make a small kitchen feel (and look) larger? Go Neutral Light-colored or white paint schemes add to the sense of space in a room, so go neutral in your kitchen for maximum effect. Read More