How To Repaint Your Bathroom Baseboard

If your bathrooms need a facelift, there are few DIY projects that are as practical and achievable as a paint job. Painting the walls in your bathroom is a simple, but very effective way to completely redefine the look of the room. Homeowners love paint jobs because it is a project that can be done with minimal tools and training. With a few basic rollers, brushes and masking equipment, you can effectively paint interior walls and ceilings. One of the hardest parts of any paint job is painting the baseboards. This article explains how to paint bathroom baseboards like a pro.

Taping Off and Prepping the Wood

First, you cannot just paint the baseboard as it is. The baseboard is bound to have scratches and dents that need to be touched up before you can paint it. A simple high grit sanding sponge will get the job done. You don't want to rub off the existing paint, but you should aim to make the surface smooth and consistent. If there are any holes or dents, you need to fill them with hardwood putty. This means you will need to then resand the puttied area after it dries to make it flat again.

Next, wipe down the baseboard to remove any fine dust from the sanding. Then, you can tape it off. Use painter's tape to cover the top edge. It is best it you place the tape line directly over the caulk. Taping the bottom edge will depend on what type of floor you have. For instance, you can use normal painter's tape to cover wood, tile and linoleum floors. Rougher surfaces and carpet can't be taped off as effectively. You can often tuck masking paper underneath the baseboard to cover the bottom edge.

Painting the Baseboard

Painting baseboard molding is a little harder than painting drywall. You should always use an angled, fine brush. The angled brush makes it easier to paint so near to the ground. Hardwood will not absorb paint very quickly, so you need to use a sparing amount on your brush. Use short strokes and overlap the paint so it blends in. By applying several thin coats, instead of one thick coat, you can get a smoother paint finish.

Painting the baseboards is an essential part of any interior paint job. A straight line between the walls and baseboard will make the entire paint job line cleaner. For more tips or help with updating your bathroom, contact a local remodeling company like Foothill Bath, Kitchen, Window Corp.