5 Ways To Use Windows To Bring The Outdoors Into Your Kitchen

Do you want to make your kitchen lighter and airy by making it feel more integrated with the natural outdoors? This one move elevates any kitchen and makes it modern and fresh. And here are a few ways you can easily use your windows to accomplish it.

1. Enlarge Windows

One of the simplest ways to make the space feel more part of the outside is to enhance the available windows. Most kitchens have at least one window (usually over the sink). Increase its size and reduce framing interruptions for a clean, open look.

2. Add a Garden Window

Take that window above your sink — or any other window — one step further by turning it into a garden window. Now you have greenery growing right in the kitchen, blending with the views beyond it. For the most organic look, lower your garden window until its base is at the same level as or below the countertop. Your flowers, herbs, or other plants appear to grow right from the ground.

3. Go Floor-to-Ceiling

Don't be afraid to install full-height windows in the kitchen. Modern window technology means you can have lots of glass and a very open feeling without sacrificing a comfortable temperature. There are many ways to achieve floor-to-ceiling openness, ranging from just oversize windows to window walls and transom windows over doors.

4. Extend It Outward

Push your window further into the outdoors by turning it into a bay or bow window. These extended window styles allow people and things to be placed beyond the four walls of the home, surrounding them with windows and nature. Popular choices for breakfast nooks, bay windows actually fit anywhere you want a more relaxing work area. 

5. Choose Locations Carefully

Rather than plan your window locations based on what's going on inside, start by looking at the views outside. A window that looks out over a driveway, RV storage, or the neighbor's fence isn't going to give you a natural vibe. You may need to rethink your layout once you identify the best options for natural views, but the result will be much more effective. 

Where to Start

Want help integrating the outdoor world in your new kitchen? Start by meeting with an experienced full kitchen remodeling service in your local area. They will guide through all aspects of window choice, installation, and accessorizing. Then, you can start enjoying your new, more organic kitchen space. 

Reach out to a company like Nielsen's Remodeling & Construction to learn more.