5 Reasons To Opt For A Single Wall Kitchen

The single-wall kitchen can be an effective, efficient use of space. Even if you have the option for more kitchen elements, you may want to consider if this could be a better choice. Why? Here are a few compelling reasons to opt for a one-wall layout. 

1. Create an Open Floor Plan 

One of the most common reasons to focus on one wall for the major kitchen services is to facilitate an open floor plan. Because the open-layout kitchen blends seamlessly into the adjacent public spaces, you may not want to introduce more barriers. And that means concentrating on the far wall as the main work area. 

2. Open Up a Narrow Kitchen

Galley kitchens are long, narrow corridors flanked by two long, narrow workspaces. They can be a good choice when you're limited by space. However, galley layouts try to cram a lot of elements into a small space. Instead, consider the value of slimming down even more and focusing on one wall only. This means more space for traffic flow and can make the entire kitchen seem more comfortable and even larger. 

3. Minimize the Kitchen

Does your aesthetic lean toward minimalism? Then this design lends itself to a single-wall kitchen. These sleek and simple floor plans get rid of design clutter. There is generally one row of matching cabinets, a few appliances, and a harmonious appearance. With 

4. Leave Room for Islands

Kitchen islands are popular with today's homeowners, but not every kitchen can support one. Squeezing countertops and traffic paths in order to install your dream island can leave you unsatisfied with the result. Instead, why not remove one of the sides and let the island itself form the other half of your kitchen?

5. Invite Guests In

The kitchen has evolved to serve as a central hub of the home, especially for families and entertaining purposes. The one-wall layout invites people farther into it because there are no visual or physical barriers to it. People feel freer to enter, converse, enjoy themselves, and interact with cooks. If this appeals to you, it's time to break down those barriers. 

Where to Start 

A single-wall kitchen isn't right for everyone, but it can be a solution to problems you may not even realize you have. Learn more about deploying it in your kitchen remodel by meeting with a skilled renovation service in your area today.