Soft-Close Doors And Drawer Dampers — Innovative Features For New Cabinetry

Soft-close doors and cabinet drawer dampers are two features that will deter damage to your new cabinets. These features will also prevent loud noises when closing the cabinet doors and drawers.

Self-Close Doors Versus Soft-Close Doors

A self-close cabinet door system contains fixed metal hinge components and a spring attachment. The spring is attached directly to the hinge parts that are aligned along the edge of the door. An end user will be required to manually shut the door. Once the door begins to close, the force within the spring will continue to push the door firmly shut. When using a self-close hinge system, an end user may hear the door engage with the cabinetry. This sound can vary, depending on how much effort is made when manually closing a door.

A soft-close system contains fixed metal pieces and a hydraulic attachment. The hydraulic attachment works in place of a spring. As an end user nudges a cabinet door closed, the hydraulics will engage. The hydraulic attachment will prompt a cabinet door to slowly close. There won't be a noticeable noise when the door shuts.

A remodeling contractor who installs new cabinetry can install a soft-close hydraulic system on any type of cabinet door that you choose to purchase. A contractor can also order cabinets that have been prefabricated. If they order a set of custom cabinets directly from a supplier, a remodeling contractor can request that the cabinetry comes equipped with a soft-close system. The unique properties of a soft-close system will prevent the new cabinet doors from slamming shut, which could potentially damage the new cabinets.

Self-Close Drawers Versus Drawer Damper Systems

Self-close drawers use the same technology as self-close doors. A spring apparatus will engage as a drawer is pushed inward. Slamming drawers could potentially lead to accidentally injuring one's fingers. Slamming drawers could also damage a drawer or cause a drawer to come loose from its track. A drawer damper is an apparatus that is added to the sides of a cabinet drawer.

A damper is cylindrical in shape. As a drawer is pushed inward, it will slow down and gently close on its own. A contractor who will be adding drawers to your new cabinetry can secure a damper system to each drawer. Again, this type of accessory is suitable for use with any type of material that your new custom cabinets will be constructed of. 

Reach out to a kitchen cabinetry supplier to learn more.