Can You Add A Fireplace To Your Existing Home? 5 Influencing Factors

Fireplaces add coziness, aesthetics, and warmth to any room. But if your home doesn't currently have a fireplace, can you add one during renovation? Yes, but several important factors and concerns can affect it. Here's what you need to know about these factors.

1. Fireplace Placement

Where do you want to install the fireplace? This matters because the fire element inherently needs ventilation to the outside. In traditional fireplaces, this is done via a chimney. However, you can vent modern fireplace systems with other methods that take less space and are more flexible. However, ventilation must always take priority. 

2. Fireplace Type

If you want to use an interior wall, have multiple stories, or there are other structural hindrances, it may help to rethink the fireplace type. In general, fireplaces today come in three types: wood, gas, and electric. Wood fireplaces are often the hardest to incorporate into an existing structure and take up the most space. Gas fireplaces may be easier to work with, and electric ones are the most flexible. 

3. Structural Materials

Before allowing open flames inside your home, make sure it's going to be safe around the materials. Existing residences must usually look first at the framing and wood structure into which the fireplace will be set. But you may also need to revamp surrounding flooring, wall materials, electrical systems, and plumbing works to prevent fire or heat damage. 

4. Renovation Budget

Any additional feature in your remodel budget will add expenses to it. How much you want to spend can be a defining factor in how you integrate a new fireplace. Some fireplaces — especially wood-burning ones — need a large surround and chimney or other ventilation. Other fireplaces can be inserted into relatively small spots for a lot less. 

5. Building Permits

Finally, you may or may not need to get a permit for the construction. If you want a wood fireplace and/or a chimney, permitting is likely required. But whether or not this is mandatory with other units depends on the structure already in place and the size of the project. Many people bundle the fireplace permit with a larger overall remodel project to save time and money. 

Where Should You Start?

No matter if you're just thinking about adding a fireplace or you plan to make it happen no matter what, the best place to begin is to meet with a qualified renovation service in your area. With their help, you'll soon have the right fire feature to warm up your days and nights for many years to come. 

Reach out to a local high-end home interior renovation contractor to learn more.