Improve Accessibility When Remodeling Your Main Bathroom

Updating the main bathroom in your home can come with many changes you've been considering for years. If one of your primary concerns with your bathroom is a lack of accessibility for children, anyone with limited mobility, or a tight layout in the room, there are several changes to consider including.

Knowing what to include when planning the remodel of your bathroom can help you use your money wisely and ensure that accessibility is improved significantly.

Replace Dated Fixtures

Outdated bathroom fixtures can be challenging to use and can be a poor option for places with children or seniors. A touchless faucet can be a modern addition to your bathroom since there won't be any controls that are difficult to use. An upgraded water heater will warm up the water much faster than before, making it a fantastic feature to include when you're making changes with accessibility in mind.

Replacing your showerhead or putting in a new bathtub can provide you with plenty of opportunities to add features that make using the bathroom more enjoyable.

Improve the Storage

Making your bathroom much larger can be as simple as adding storage. Accessibility includes making it easy to reach items that are tucked away. This includes choosing a large sink vanity with a cabinet underneath for all the toiletries you want to keep hidden. Storage can also include making use of tight spaces around the sink or toilet to maximize storage in the bathroom.

Wall shelving can provide creative ways to display storage, artwork, and décor to dress up the bathroom. Including several forms of storage can allow you to creatively improve storage space and make it easy to keep the bathroom organized and accessible.

Open Up Floor Space

An easy thing to look into when updating your bathroom is improving the flow of the space. Open floor space can be essential for anyone with mobility limits, especially those using a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility devices. By having more floor space after rearranging the bathroom, expanding the size of the room, and adding storage, there won't be restrictions over how you and your guests move around the room.

Finding the right features to include while remodeling your bathroom can be overwhelming, especially when this is the main bathroom in your home. If your main goal is to increase accessibility for your family and any guests, there are several features to make sure you include. By following the above tips for a successful bathroom renovation, you'll be able to create a space that's much easier to use.