Make Cleaning Easier And Enjoy A Spotless Bathroom With Remodeling Services

The bathroom is where you may go to clean up several times a day. Using all the features regularly will naturally lead to built-up dirt and grime that requires cleaning. While you may not mind occasional cleaning, you might like the idea of maintaining a spotless bathroom. A smart move is to hire remodelers to make several changes that improve cleaning and spotlessness.

Floating Vanity

Some bathrooms have a pedestal sink, which often has little to no storage. As a result, you may find them easy to clean because they lack cabinets and drawers. An alternative to this feature is to invest in a floating vanity that makes cleaning easy and provides considerable storage. The major advantage is seeing and reaching underneath the vanity to help with cleaning tasks.

For instance, when you want to mop, vacuum, or spot clean the bathroom, you can easily clean around and under the vanity. The empty space will also make the bathroom feel open.

Smart Toilet

Most toilets are straightforward to clean because you can use strong chemicals to eliminate tough dirt, grime, and mildew. However, you will appreciate reducing the challenge with a smart toilet because you can find models with a self-cleaning feature. Some features also have a cleaning bidet function that sprays water throughout the bowl to help with cleaning.

These features will reduce how much time and effort you must put into toilet cleaning.


A bathroom with tile flooring might look great and provide excellent durability. However, you may not like how dirty the grout looks and the fact it needs replacing over time. A worthy solution is to replace tile flooring with laminate or vinyl that does not use grout for installation.

With tile flooring, you might notice that your bathroom can continue looking dirty after cleaning because the grout has become discolored. Once you switch to laminate or vinyl flooring, you will enjoy a bathroom that looks spotless after a thorough cleaning.


The shower is a feature that your family may use multiple times daily. A feature that gets this much use will experience dirt, grime, and moisture buildup. For instance, you may have a framed shower door in which water gets stuck inside the tracks after each shower. Removing the water is a challenge, so you may have to remove mildew growth occasionally.

An easy solution is to install a frameless shower door without tracks to maintain.

Invest in these remodeling projects to enjoy a spotless and easy-to-clean bathroom. For more information, contact a professional bathroom remodeler.