Hard Stone Countertops: Using Quartz For The Renovation Projects In Your Home

There are many different natural stones that could be used as countertops throughout your home. Some of the most popular are granite and marble, but also include soapstone, onyx, limestone, and more. However, there is another option. An option made up almost entirely of quartz making it a very resilient material that is nearly impossible to crack or break. Here are the biggest benefits of installing quartz for the surfaces in your renovation projects:

Quartz Countertops Are Scratch-Resistant

The scratch resistance of quartz is one of the biggest benefits if you have small children or pets. Kids can be hard on kitchen countertops when they're working on homework or art projects, and pets are inclined to jump up and scratch counters. Quartz is a very hard stone that isn't going to show scratches very easily. Therefore, it's a great option for families that need a durable surface for their kitchen or bathroom counters.

Quartz Is Stain-Resistant

One of the reasons for quartz being so popular for renovations is that it is a non-porous material, which means that it resists staining and other damage from spills and messes. When you choose quartz, you won't have to worry about accidentally spilling food or drinks on your countertop and having it soak in. In addition to being stain-resistant, quartz is also scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who often cook in the kitchen or have children who may drop heavy objects on the countertop.

Non-Porous Colors That Don't Fade  

Quartz does not fade, discolor or chip over time because it is a non-porous natural stone. Many homeowners think that if they have a lighter countertop color, it will get dirty or discolored easily. This is not true with quartz because of its non-porous qualities. You can have any color you desire, knowing that your counters will always look brand new!

Heat-Resistant and Low-Maintenance

Quartz is a heat-resistant material, making it a wonderful option for kitchens. Many people tend to be concerned about the heat in their kitchens causing damage to their countertop materials. With quartz, this will be less of a concern.

Quartz is also low maintenance. Quartz countertops do not need to be sealed, which is one of the reasons for that low maintenance claim. You do not want to use any cleaning chemicals on your countertop because those can actually strip away the shine and leave it with a dull appearance. Instead, you should wipe up spills as soon as possible and wash your countertop with warm water and mild dish soap.

Choosing quartz for your home's renovation project will help create beautiful designs that look great and last a lifetime. Contact a quartz countertop service to discuss these options for the surfaces in your next home renovation project.