Places to Use Stone Veneer Outside Your Home

While a lot of people have stone veneer accent walls inside of their homes, exterior-grade stone veneer is a product that can dramatically improve your home's exterior. If you find that your home could stand to have some more curb appeal, talk to a renovation contractor who specializes in exterior work. They can show you a selection of different exterior stone veneer products to help you find one that you like best. There are lots of places where your contractor can install this product outside of your home. Here are three ideas that you can consider.

Exterior Walls

A popular exterior remodeling project is to cover one or more exterior walls of your home in stone veneer. Some people want stone on all of the home's exterior walls, while others opt for it only on the front wall. Your home's front wall is the wall that is most visible from the street, so improving the look of it — even if you leave the side and back walls untouched — can have a significant impact on your home's curb appeal. If your contractor is only putting stone veneer on the front wall, you'll want to choose a product that matches or complements the siding material you have on your sidewalls.

Porch Posts

If you have a front porch that features posts around its perimeter, you might be unsatisfied with its current appearance. Builders often use plain wood for these posts, which offers functionality but little in the way of style. A good way to improve their look is by adding stone veneer to their exterior. This is a renovation project that your contractor can complete fairly quickly. If you really like the look of stone, you might want to move forward with this project in addition to adding stone to the exterior of your home.

Driveway Pillars

A pillar on each side of your driveway can add a stylish look to the front of your home. If this idea is of interest to you, talk to your exterior renovation contractor about building a pair of pillars and finishing them with stone veneer. If you already have driveway pillars but you want to give them an updated look, adding a stone veneer can be a good option to pursue. If you add a stone veneer to the front of your home and/or porch, stone veneer driveway pillars can create a unified look. Contact an exterior renovation contractor to begin planning your upcoming work.