Ways To Add Brass To Your Bathroom During A Remodel

If you love the timeless look of brass, it can be fun to think about ways to include it in different areas of your home. While there are all sorts of brass elements that can work well in various rooms, your bathroom is a spot in which there is lots of potential. If you're hiring a remodeling contractor to make some major changes to your bathroom, think about how you may want brass to appear in the finished product. There are many different remodeling projects that can add brass elements to one of the bathrooms in your home, including the following.

Brass Faucet

Stainless steel faucets are common in many peoples' bathrooms, but if you love the look of brass, you might wish to replace your current faucet with one that has a brass appearance if your contractor is redoing your vanity. You'll find all sorts of brass faucets at your local home improvement store, so you can choose one in a style that you like. It's also important to choose one that shares some similarities with your current faucet, as this will make the installation easier. For example, if your current faucet mounts to the vanity, you'll want a brass faucet that also mounts to the vanity rather than mounts to the wall.

Brass Lighting

A well-lit bathroom is not only inviting, but also offers functionality when you're shaving, applying makeup, and taking care of other personal duties. Bathroom remodeling projects often include lighting changes, so you may wish to have your remodeling contractor install some brass lighting fixtures for you. The contractor could replace the overhead fixture with something made of brass, as well as look at additional lighting options. For example, if you like the idea of brass wall sconces and have found some of these lights that would work well in your bathroom, your contractor can run the necessary wires to install them.

Brass Tile Backsplash

If you don't currently have a backsplash in your bathroom, you may wish to consider adding one. In addition to providing style, it also helps to protect the walls from splashed water. For someone who favors the look of brass, it can be worthwhile to look for a backsplash that features some brass tiles. A backsplash made entirely of brass might be too vibrant, so look instead for a product that uses some brass tiles along with others made of glass and stone. Don't shy away from asking your bathroom contractor about other ways to incorporate brass into your remodeling project, as they may have some suggestions. Contact a remodeling contractor for more information regarding the bathroom renovation process.