Little-Known Ways To Keep Your Cabinet Costs Down

When you get estimates for kitchen cabinets, it's not uncommon to experience a little sticker shock. Cabinets can be more costly than you imagine. However, there are some little-known modifications you can make to your design and preferences in order to keep costs down.

Choose MDF cabinet boxes

Cabinet boxes can be made from natural wood, plywood, or MDF. Plywood tends to be the go-to because it is durable, easy to come by, and has a natural wood look. Natural wood is more expensive because it's harder to work with and can be finicky to install. MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, tends to be the most affordable option. It is a bit smoother than wood, and you can tell that it's not wood pretty easily. However, it is inexpensive to buy and very easy for cabinet makers to work with. So, if you need to keep costs down, opting for MDF cabinet boxes is a good way to do so. You can still get real wood cabinet doors, so the MDF won't be that obvious.

Opt for a painted finish

Yes, stained cabinets can look really nice. So can natural, clear-finish cabinets. However, choosing painted cabinets tends to be the most affordable. The cabinet maker does not have to sand with as fine of sandpaper to finish the cabinets when they're going to be painted. This saves them at least a few hours on the average set of cabinets, and those are a few hours of time you don't have to pay for.

Choose exposed hinges

It is more time-consuming to make and install cabinets with hidden hinges. So, if you are able to find a set of hinges you like, you can save money by having cabinets made with exposed hinges. This tends to be a more traditional look, although there are some sleek, simple hinges that look at home in a more modern kitchen.

Don't ask for a lot of internal, built-in features

Built-in features like lazy Susans and toaster ports may look really cool, but they add to the expense of the cabinets since they take a lot of time to build and design. To save money, just ask for basic cabinets. You can find other ways to organize your things without all of these features.

Keeping cabinet costs down often comes down to making a few small sacrifices and specific choices. It's not that hard with the little-known tips above. For more tips on designing low-cost kitchen cabinets, contact a local remodeling contractor.