Shower Remodeling Options To Add Custom Features And Storage

If you are ready to make over your bathroom, you may be thinking about shower remodeling. When you are remodeling your shower, there may be a lot of features you want for a custom design. There are even options for storage, with custom niches that can be added to your shower design. The following options are some of the solutions you will want to consider to add to your new bathroom:


The first option to consider for shower storage is the seats. If you are remodeling your shower, these can be custom-built seats with all the right features. A wood shower bench is one of the easiest ways to add storage to the design. The shower bench can be built to fit your design perfectly. In addition to wood, other materials can be used to built custom shower seating. These can be bench-like features that are covered with tile or other finishes. At the bottom of the shower seat design, custom niches, cabinets, and shelves can provide the storage you need.


Other great options to add storage to the design of your shower are niches. These are specially designed recessed shower organization and storage. The niches give you the advantage of a space-saving design. There are options to have the niches custom-built, or you can find materials designed specifically for shower remodeling projects. The advantage of the prefabricated niches is that they are formed in one piece and less likely to cause leaks. The disadvantage of the factory-formed niches is they don't give you as many options for custom designs and finishes. Talk to your remodeling service about your needs and the features you want for the niches in your shower design.


Another option to consider for the design of your shower is shelving. There are a lot of solutions for shower shelving units. These can be water-resistant wood materials that are designed for showers and match features like benches. There are also options like glass shelves with metal frames that can be installed in your shower. Lastly, you can have larger niches built for the purpose of adding storage to your shower design. If you want to seal shelves and other storage from the water and moisture in the shower, consider adding glass doors to these features.

The custom features you add to your shower design are important if you want storage and other practical solutions. Contact a shower remodeling service to discuss these options when you are renovating your bathroom.