Growing Older? Maximize Safety With Several Bathroom Changes

While growing older, you may recognize that you are no longer as physically strong or nimble as you were in your younger years. Since you may not know how your health and physical condition will progress over time, you may want to prepare early on by making changes to your home.

An excellent option is to update your bathroom to make it easier to access and safer to use. Certain projects can give you peace of mind about living in the house long-term.

1. Bathtub

If you have a standard bathtub that you have to step inside to use, you should work with professionals to replace it with a walk-in tub. Even if you do not feel like you need to use this kind of tub in your current state, you will appreciate the ability to use it safely and easily in the future. While you can get a regular bath without any bells and whistles, you may want to use this opportunity to pick up a jetted tub that can provide extra muscle relief during bath time.

2. Shower

Working on the shower is also a smart idea because of all the changes that you can make. For instance, you can add a built-in seat inside the shower that allows anyone in your family to sit down. This will help out anyone who is dealing with an injury or even muscle aches and pains. As you grow older, you may not be able to stand for as long as you need to take a thorough shower. This is when being able to sit down while you are taking a shower will come in handy.

If you want to make the shower even better and safer to use for an older individual, you should switch to a frameless shower door to get rid of the metal track at the bottom. By making this change, you will eliminate the chance of tripping over the frame while getting in the shower.

3. Handlebars

Installing handlebars throughout the bathroom is worth doing because they will give you a place to hold on in case you are worried about losing your balance. Additionally, you can use these handlebars to help yourself up when you are leaving the bathtub, toilet, or shower.

If you want to maximize safety in your bathroom as you grow older in your home, you should make these kinds of changes with a bathroom remodeling service.