Tips For Remodeling A Small Kitchen

Your current home is great, except for that small kitchen that is not functional for your growing family. Remodeling your current kitchen is a great way to maximize the existing square footage and there are several design tricks you can incorporate into your newly renovated space to make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you renovate and redecorate your small kitchen to make it look and feel bigger.

Utilize Lighter Colors

Darker colors absorb light and lighter colors reflect light, which makes any space in your home feel more open and airier, including your kitchen. Use lighter shades of blue, green, white, or neutral colors as the main color of the walls, flooring, ceiling, and countertops. Utilizing a variety of lighter shades throughout the room will help make it feel more open while creating a more unique, custom look.

If you want to incorporate darker colors, save the darker tones for the finishing touches, such as the light fixtures, drawer pulls, or the kitchen faucet.

Install Additional Light Fixtures

During the renovation, consider including additional lighting throughout the kitchen. More lighting can make space feel more open and larger than space is as well. For example, ask the contractor to install lights under the cabinets or a larger light fixture in the center of the room. Add lighting to the darker corner to ensure that all available space in the room is illuminated.

Choose Open Cabinets or Glass Cabinet Doors

Whether you are repurposing your existing cabinets or choosing new cabinets, there are two options available that can make your smaller kitchen look bigger: open cabinets or glass cabinet doors. Open cabinets simply mean there are no cabinet doors, or you could opt for large open shelving, rather than kitchen cabinets.

Glass cabinet doors are also a great option because the glass makes the cabinets feel more open, which in turn makes the room seem larger.

Install Larger or Additional Windows  

Finally, a great way to create the illusion of additional square footage in your kitchen is with additional or larger windows. The windows will allow more light into space. If you choose larger windows, sheer curtains will add a great decorative touch while still allowing in all that beautiful natural light.

From additional windows to open cabinets and lighter colors, there are several kitchen remodeling and design tips you can use to make a small kitchen feel larger.