Do You Need New Basement Windows?

If your basement has windows, you likely haven't had these fixtures updated in some time. You may not have even had basement windows inspected or replaced at all. If you aren't sure if your basement glass is ready to be replaced, use this guide to assist you. No matter where new windows and frames are placed in your home, this remodeling project will help improve your property's curb appeal and give your house greater value.

Windows don't open

If you have very old basement windows, odds are the glass is more for show and not actually useful. Some older homes have decorative windows in the main and lower parts of the home that cannot be opened. You need ventilation in your basement to help keep moisture at bay, so if the glass in your lower level cannot be used, you need to have the windows upgraded to glass that is safer and more versatile.

Consider casement or other styles of glass for your windows. Your glass and remodeling specialist will help you choose the right frames and designs that work best for your budget and current window condition.

Windows are broken

Since basement glass is usually level or close to the ground, it's easy for the windows to get hit with rocks or other debris, or accidentally get broken while kids are playing.  Broken glass poses a safety risk, not to mention takes away from your home's curb appeal. If the outer and inner layers of glass are both broken, have the panes replaced immediately. If only the outer layer is affected, have your contractor help you by taping the windows to secure them until you can have them replaced.

Broken windows also let cold air in and hot air out. You don't want to waste money on energy expenses due to faulty window glass, so keep this in mind when you are looking for home repairs to take care of.

Windows are rotting

Basements are prone to moisture and you don't want your windows to get exposed to water, or else your frames will rot. If your frames to the windows you already have in your basement are swollen, rotting away, or look like they are peeling, then you should have them replaced. Rotting wood and other foundation components will only worsen, putting your home's foundation at risk and increasing chances of mold and mildew buildup. A window specialist will come to your home and help you determine what new window styles will work best for your basement area.

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