3 Ways To Make A Bold Improvement In Your Rental Bathroom

Remodeling the bathroom of your rental home can come with a lot of concerns since it's likely that you don't want to be overpaying on the remodeling work to be done or end up with a bathroom that has features potential tenants don't want. If you want to make the biggest positive difference in the bathroom without spending a fortune, it's best to look for bold ways to remodel the bathroom.

With the following ideas, you can drastically change the way that your bathroom looks and have the approval of potential tenants that will soon call your rental property home.

Add a Contrasting Color of Paint

The easiest way to change the way that your rental bathroom looks at a low cost is simply adding paint to the walls or cabinets. Many people make the safe choice of sticking with a neutral color for their walls, leading to them being unsatisfied with the final look and making the rental property look uninteresting. If you want the property to stand out when potential tenants view it during an open house, it's best to choose a contrasting color.

A good example of using contrast in the bathroom is through having white tile or a vanity and using black paint on the walls or framed around the mirror or medicine cabinet.

Replace the Hardware

An easy way to give your bathroom an update is through the use of new hardware. The knobs and pulls in the bathroom can give the room a new look, while helping you update the space to better reflect the age and style of your home.

Brushed nickel, stainless-steel, and bronze are all options that you might want to consider—mainly depending on the look of your bathroom and what your final goal for the space is.

Get the Mirror Framed

If the mirror in the rental bathroom isn't already framed, it's a good idea to start here when wanting to add the look of value to the bathroom. A framed mirror is a relatively cheap update and can give the bathroom a much more polished look, giving the tenants a nicer looking bathroom as a result.

As you explore your options for remodeling the bathroom, you'll quickly see just how much of an impact some of the projects above can make. With your focus on making the bathroom appealing to renters, you can be sure the remodeling work is done right. 

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