Tired Of Your Small Dark Master Bathroom? Change It Dramatically Without Adding Space

If your master bathroom is small and cramped, and you can't do anything to renovate the size of the space, there are some tricks you can try to make it seem like there is more square footage than there is. You don't have to blow out any walls, or add on to your house, and instead you can give the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. Look into making the following changes for a great master bathroom in your home.

Add a Skylight

Talk with a window contractor to see if you can add a skylight to the bathroom. The skylight is going to open up the space to make it seem brighter and to make the ceilings seem higher. The skylight allows natural light to flood the space which is great for a bathroom where you are putting on makeup, doing hair and more. If not, different overhead lighting may be an option.

Use Light Tile

Take out the flooring and any tile in the bathroom and add a light tan or grey ceramic or porcelain tile instead. Use large tiles and have it go all the way up the walls if you want to bring the eyes upwards. If you currently have a tub and shower combo, or a plastic shell shower, consider taking out the shower and using tile along the walls. The entire space needs light and bright colors to bring warmth.

Get a Glass Shower Enclosure

With the tiled shower against the wall, use a glass enclosure to finish the shower. This prevents water from getting on the floor and around the bathroom, without closing off any views of the shower.

Glass shower enclosures help to make the flow of the bathroom seem larger, they are a great modern feature, and they help to keep the space open and bright. There are a variety of options no matter how large or small the shower is, and the glass professionals can custom design a piece if needed.

Changing and upgrading the master bathroom in your home is going to add value to the property, and it's going to make the master bath somewhere you don't mind spending time in, instead of a space where you feel trapped and cramped all the time. Look into getting these different changes made with the help of professionals in your area so the jobs are done correctly.