Installing Window Film To Reflect Heat

The summertime means hotter temperatures, and no matter how hard your air conditioner is running, the sun's heat can make your home feel warmer than it should. Adding a reflective window coating or film can help keep the sun from penetrating the interior of your home and keep it cooler. You can find window film at many home improvement stores, and it's fairly easy to install. Here's how you can apply this protective coating to make summer living more comfortable for yourself and your family.


Before you purchase the reflective window film, you'll need to measure the length and width of every window. Be sure you're just measuring the glass panes and not the sill or trim. It's recommended that you add a bit more to the total number of square inches you calculate to provide for any excess or mistakes. A good rule of thumb is to add one inch per side to each pane of glass just to be sure you have enough material. Before you apply the film, clean your windows using a mixture of gentle soap (baby shampoo is a good choice) and water. Do not use ammonia or other glass cleaners, as this could damage the film. Make sure your windows are completely dry before application.


When you're ready to apply the reflective film to your windows, be sure you choose a time early in the morning or evening to avoid the sun's heat during the day. Too much heat can cause the solution you will use to coat the glass and apply the film to dry out before it's completely adhered. Window film has an adhesive on one side and is applied using an additional solution designed to help it adhere to the glass. Start from the top and begin placing the adhesive side directly onto the glass. Using the included solution, spray it evenly on top of the film and squeegee it slowly and evenly to remove any bubbles for a smooth finish. 

Final Steps

Once the reflective film has been applied to your windows, trim the excess off any edges using a utility knife. Spray some more solution onto the film and run the squeegee over it one more time to remove any remaining bubbles. Within a few minutes, the film will adhere to your windows, but it can take several days for the adhesive to allow the film to completely cure to your windows. With this simple installation process, you can reap the benefits of reflective window film all summer long to help keep you and your home cooler. 

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