4 Things To Remember While Painting Kitchen Cabinets

One of the ways that many homeowners save money while renovating their kitchens is to paint the cabinets. Even though this can seem like a fairly simple project, it can actually be complicated by forgetting certain key things about the task. Here are some things you should remember when painting your cabinets. 

Label the Parts

When it is time to take down your cabinets and paint them, do not forget to label the parts. The cabinets have to be reassemble exactly as they were installed. By labeling them, you ensure that each cabinet is placed in the correct position, which saves you time. To label the cabinets, you can sketch a basic drawing depicting where each cabinet is. Label each cabinet in the drawing with a letter. Place a small piece of tape on the back of the cabinet with the letter that corresponds with its position on your drawing. 

Sanding Is Important

One of the tasks that some feel they can skip on is sanding the kitchen cabinets first. Even if your cabinets appear to be smooth and in good condition, you should not skip sanding. Sanding helps to ensure that all of the surfaces are smooth and also helps you identify any gouges or other marks in your cabinets so that you can take reparative action before painting. 

If you do find any gouges or marks, you can use wood glue or putty to fill in those areas. Be sure to let them dry completely before moving forward. 

Remove the Hardware

If you are trying to save time by painting the hardware on the doors, you are actually costing yourself more time. As the paint dries on the hardware, it can start to crack and cause your doors to look worn. At that point, you will have to remove the paint from the hardware and the doors and start over. You can save yourself some frustration now by simply taking off the hardware before you start painting the doors. 

Prime the Cabinets

A primer can help to keep some imperfections hidden from view. The primer also gives you a fresh surface on which to paint. Without the primer, imperfections can start to surface within a few months of painting. If you choose a primer that has stain blocker, you have added protection for your cabinets in the future. For an added measure of protection, look for paint that includes stain blocker, too. 

The most important thing to remember while painting your kitchen cabinets is to take your time. Enjoy the experience and remember that painting your cabinets is a great way to spruce up your kitchen and save on your budget. 

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