Tiny Kitchen? 5 Ways To Give It An Illusion Of Grandeur

If your home doesn't have a lot of space, it can be hard to turn it into something you can love and enjoy spending time in. Although adding space might be an option, it often is not in the budget for many homeowners looking to remodel dated kitchens and baths. So, how can you make a small kitchen feel (and look) larger?

Go Neutral

Light-colored or white paint schemes add to the sense of space in a room, so go neutral in your kitchen for maximum effect. White has the added bonus of reflecting any natural light in the kitchen, opening it up further. If you don't want white or pale neutrals, choose a very minimally-varied color scheme instead. With walls, cabinets, backsplashes and floors all sharing a very similar color and style, the room will seem longer and taller. 

Natural Light

Adding a large window or skylight to your kitchen saves energy and brightens up the work in it. Natural lighting softens a room and invites the outdoors inside. Embrace the windows with neutral-colored, light window treatments. Install an opaque shade for times when you need privacy. 

Remove a Wall

Depending on your home's layout, you may be able to open up a kitchen without adding any actual space to the room. If possible, look for a wall that can be taken out to create an open space with the adjoining dining room, living room or family area. Both rooms will instantly feel larger and more inviting. If you can't take out an entire wall, try creating an open window between them. Place a bar and stools in front of the open area to encourage guests and family to enjoy sitting in the adjacent area while others are working in the kitchen -- freeing up work space.  

Open Up

Speaking of opening things up, ditch the wood or metal cabinets for a visual kick in your tiny kitchen. Instead, go for open cabinets or ones with glass doors. Open shelving has a smaller visual footprint and allows the interior dimensions of the shelves to add to the sense of space in your kitchen. The added bonus is that you will be forced to pay more attention to clutter and disorganization on your shelves, likely adding to fewer unnecessary items and easier maintenance.  

Eliminate Clutter

Clean, empty countertops feel larger than ones that are filled with cooking utensils, kitchen collectibles or small appliances. Opt for streamlined small appliances and hang as much as you can underneath cabinets. Find appropriate storage for nearly anything else that currently goes on the counter and remove what's unnecessary. Add storage underneath the counters where it's out of sight or utilize storage in the dining or family room if necessary.  For what must go on the counter, try an appliance garage to hide daily use items.  

Even making small visual changes to a cozy kitchen can help open up this vital, well-used and core room in your house. That way, you can enjoy a happier cooking experience with your friends and family. For more information, visit a home improvement contractor like Latocha Builders & Renovations Inc.