Tips For Dealing With A Cluttered Kitchen

Is your kitchen stocked to overflowing? Are your counters full of…stuff? Do you regularly buy more than you need? There's a good chance that you have a cluttered kitchen. Not only is it potentially dangerous, it's unhygienic and unsightly as well. Here's what you can do about it.

Why and How You Should Unclutter Your Kitchen

After a while, goods of all types only become sponges for bacteria and serve you no real purpose. Keeping things to a minimum in your kitchen will not only save you money, it will help you to keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered.

It will reduce the number of places that germs and bacteria can hide. It will lower your footprint as well. Less waste makes landfills, pipes, sanitation workers and the planet happy. It might even change the way you think about food and shopping in general.

Buy lessYou don't have to stockpile as if a 40-year winter is approaching. You should only keep on hand the things that you will use in less than a month's time.

Get organizedOrganizing the things in your kitchen can help reduce clutter. It will also help you to know precisely where all the things you need are at all times.

Remove unnecessary things – Do you keep something large and obstructive in the kitchen? Like a bike? Move that elsewhere. Is some appliance on the counter that you never, ever use? Move it or get rid of it.

In general, if it doesn't belong or serves no purpose, then move it or get rid of it. Keeping your kitchen free of clutter is also a mindset and a habit. You have to become accustomed to the idea of keeping it clear.

Going a Step Further with a Kitchen Remodel or Renovation

Sometimes, clutter occurs simply because you just don't have enough space. A lack of room, cabinet space, and places for food prep can turn any kitchen into a cluttered mess. This is also true of homes that have more than a couple of people living in them.

If your kitchen is just inadequate for your home or family size, then you should consider a kitchen renovation. Depending on your needs, you won't have to redo the whole kitchen. You can just add the features that are lacking.

Add more cabinet space – Maybe those cabinets are full to bursting because you don't have the cabinet space to accommodate what you need. This can cause you to place things that belong in the cabinet, on the counter or floor.

Add a pantry – If you need a cool place for placing dry food items, then a pantry add-on can help. Many modern remodeling contractors have ways of creating pantries without using a lot of space.

Extend the counters – Sometimes there just isn't enough counter space. Placing new counters can extend your counter space and give you a chance to add something extra to your kitchen décor. For example, you may want to add in some granite countertops or a small island for additional prep space.

The nuclear option – If you have the means, you can also consider a full kitchen makeover. It's worth considering if you have definite ideas about how you want your kitchen to look and perform. This is a solution to an extreme lack of space.

Remember that a renovation or remodel won't always prevent clutter. Sometimes clutter comes from a particular mindset. However, a kitchen remodel can help give you more room or space to work with. That new addition may also help you to want to keep it free of clutter. Contact a local provider, such as Advanced Kitchens, for further assistance.