Four Ways To Open Up Kitchen Space During Your Next Remodel

If you are remodeling your kitchen, this will give you the chance to really work with your unique space. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, it is a good idea to incorporate space-defining features. Work to combine a few upgrades that will actually save space with tricks that give off the illusion of a larger kitchen. Here are four kitchen remodeling ideas that focus on opening up space.

1. Creative Shelving

Standard cabinets hiding shelving can shut off your kitchen and close off space. Take off a few of the cabinet doors to showcase space through an open shelving look. Add mirrored cabinets to those that are hiding clutter or in a corner of your kitchen. See-through glass cabinets over an island will let in light and offer more depth with a clear view to shelving.

2. Creating the Illusion of Space

Anything that you can do to brighten the space in your kitchen, the more spacious this will feel. If you can open up a window space and expand this, your kitchen will feel more inviting. At the very least, add lighter curtains to let in more light. Opt for white cabinets, having this complement lighter counter spaces and flooring. These tricks will give your kitchen a cleaner feel and will give the illusion of a larger space.

Contractors with a business like Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida will be able to give you a truly remodeled kitchen if extra space is really what you need.

3. Pull-Out Cabinets and Open-Sided Drawers

Rather than your things being hidden in a cabinet you have to search through in an awkward corner, a slide-out cabinet can offer access from both sides to your items. This is a great addition for a large pantry cabinet or garbage and recycling station. Drawers that are designed to be deep but open on the sides will give you more access to your kitchen items and less opportunity for things to go missing.

4. Pots and Pans Display

If you don't have much drawer and cabinet space, you can get creative with the space that you do have. Incorporate hanging pots and pans above a counter top or island. Be sure to have this installed correctly and safely so that your hanging device is secured. This can be a great way to showcase nicer pots and pans, and it will make cooking easier with everything you need at your fingertips.

Just because your kitchen is on the small side doesn't mean you can't add a few features to combat this. Combining functional space savers along with those that give the perspective of more space will open up your kitchen. Make your kitchen a more inviting space that will be better designed for cooking and entertaining.