Updating Your Kitchen Without Replacing Everything

Renovating your kitchen does not mean you have to replace every single item. You can update this portion of your home by making several smaller changes. By using different products in creative ways, you can enhance the look of your kitchen without doing a lot of work.

Add Shelves

When you prefer a more open feel to your kitchen, one option you have is to remove some of the top cabinets and replace them with shelves. This works well for the top cabinets around a small window, because the shelving does not block any natural light.

The shelves you choose can be in any size, though it is best to stick with the original width of the top cabinets. This measurement will at least offer you the same amount of storage space, while giving you the ability to choose the number of shelves.

With this method, you can also choose to add more shelving spaced a smaller distance apart from top to bottom. This gives you more space for items like small plates, bowls, spices or other kitchen items.

Place Pantry Cabinet

Having a pantry is helpful for storing items, but building a separate room for this purpose is not always possible. In this situation, placing a pantry cabinet in your kitchen is a good alternative.

These larger cabinets generally look like a top and bottom cabinet from the outside that connect in the middle. Some models come with pull out shelves, while others have small baskets attached to the interior doors. If you prefer the cabinet to look like one solid piece, some companies make them with top to bottom doors instead of having doors for each section.

You can place this cabinet next to your existing ones and then paint all of your cabinets so they match. Your other option is to remove one upper and one lower set of cabinets to make room for your new pantry.

Install Apron Front Sink

When you want to update your sink area, a good choice is an apron front design. This type of sink has one drain instead of two.

What sets this option apart from other sink types is that you can see the full front portion of the sink. This type of sink sits in an open space and the countertops surround it on the sides only. Additionally, some companies add designs to the front portion, so you have the ability to customize your sink as well when renovating your kitchen.

When your desire is to update your kitchen, you do not have to redo everything. You can make some minor changes that enhance the look of the space as well. (For more information, contact Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc)