Is Your Bathroom From The 80S? A Few Reasons To Bring It Into This Decade

If your bathroom is in desperate need of an update, it should involve more than merely changing the shower curtain and painting the cove molding a new color. If you are wondering which area of your home to remodel, here are a few reasons you should start with the bathroom.

Conserve Water and Energy

Modern toilets, sink faucets and showers are designed to provide you with adequate water flow and pressure while keeping water use to a minimum. This means less hot water is used, saving the energy it takes to heat it. The carbon footprint of your home will be lower; you will save money and the environment.

Resale Value

If you are going to be selling your property in the near future, remodeling the bathroom will increase its value. Replacing the tub, shower stall and vanity can result in more money in your pocket. Most bathroom remodels will earn you 64 percent over the amount you spent for the materials and work done. In other words, if you spend $5,000 on the project, the value of your home will increase by $8,200.

Find Plumbing and Construction Problems

Leaks in the plumbing in a bathroom can result in damage to the wood in the walls and flooring. These leaks can go undetected for years if small enough to not pool and drip through to another floor. If the tiles in behind your tub are falling off, there is a good chance there is a leak somewhere. Anytime there is water seeping into the wood, mold can grow. This can be a serious health hazard if not found and rectified.

Increase Storage and Space

Many older tubs and shower stalls were small to conserve space. If you find it hard to move around in your bathroom, a remodel that adds space will make things more comfortable. Instead of having a bathtub with a separate shower stall, an all-in-one unit can be installed to provide more room. Having a vanity cabinet instead of a pedestal sink gives you more storage space. However, it will require more floor space. Use a pedestal sink and have niches built into the walls to hold toiletries to resolve both problems.

The bathroom is often the first place you go upon waking and the last room you visit before going to bed. It should be a place you find comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. A remodel can make it a place you can wash away the stress of the day and just relax. To get started updating yours, contact a company like Surface Specialists of Mid-MN.